We Can Do This!

A Peer Support Group for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss.

Weekly on Fridays at 10am

Those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions already slipping away?
Online support groups not working for you?
Healthy eating and weight management a long-term struggle?

The Friends of the Library are thrilled to present and facilitate We Can Do This!, a peer support group for healthy eating and weight loss. The group will meet weekly on Fridays at 10am in the Community Room at Fulton Public Library. The first group meeting is on February, 23, 2024.

People trying to lose weight and build healthy habits do better if they are part of a group of peers trying to do the same thing. Let’s face it, losing weight can be hard. Doing it alone is even harder. A healthier lifestyle is easier to achieve and maintain when you have support.

What can a support group offer?

  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Emotional support
  • Practical support
  • Sharing of information and resources
  • A sense of connection
  • Celebration of success
  • Increased chance of achieving and sustaining long-term goals

What to expect

  • A no-judgement zone
  • Acceptance and respect
  • No mandatory weigh-ins
  • Guidelines for the group will be established by the group

No fees to attend. For information or to sign up, contact Jean at 680-218-1437 or by email info@fofpl.org. Walk-ins to group meetings are welcome. Feel free to bring a friend!

This is not a professionally led group and is not a substitute for medical advice.

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